Getting Fit With Zumba



Zumba is a fantastic dance workout

Just started getting fit with  Zumba and I love it! Some moves are a little tricky to master (I found the samba step the hardest) but with some practice and going over the instructional DVD’s again, I’m sure they will become easier, it’s great exercise.

I bought this zumba DVD set from Amazon after seeing adverts on holiday in the USA for Zumba, it’s mega over there. The DVD’s arrived quickly and I followed the suggested programme, some steps are tricky to master and are quite FAST but great fun and after only 4-5 days I was puffing less and keeping up (well pretty much).

It’s great fun and  for those of us who know we should exercise but can’t be doing with classes at the local sports centre, the Zumba DVD’s are great.

Get Fit With Zumba

And did I say it’s also great fun- well it is and you get to go at your own speed.
Also if you like Latin music, you’re going to love Zumba. My friends kids came round and all got totally addicted to it, just good family fun AND exercise- what more do you want?

Zumba Is A Fantastic Workout

As well as being great fun, you can really feel it working straight away. On one of the DVD’s there’s a part teaching you all the basic moves and how to do them. Now believe me, I’m no dancer but I got the moves really fast as they explain them so well. You get to try the moves out in a twenty minute Zumba dance workout and they do advice taking 2 days off but it’s so good I want to do it every day. And that’s really  something from someone like me who is awkward at dancing! This DVD is exactly the same as doing a Zumba class and I’m loving every minute of it.

I would highly recommend Zumba to anyone who finds exercising boring but needs to get fit and do something. I’m now working out regularly and doing almost two hours at a time. It’s true what they say “time flies when you’re enjoying yourself” And you will enjoy yourself with Zumba.

The DVD’s are really easy to follow, and it has helped me to lose loads of weight without even leaving the house!! Only used the basic 20 min DVD so far, the steps are broken down into 3 moves which make it really easy to learn the routines. Don’t just take my word for it, watch the video and see for your self. Getting fit with Zumba is really fun.